Are you looking for permanent laser hair removal?

Then GoHair Eindhoven, as specialist in Laser Hair Removal, is the right place.

Do you want to get rid of those unsightly hairs and have beautiful smooth skin instead?
You now have that option at GoHair. Our ultra-modern laser, using very short laser light pulses, ensures safe permanent hair removal. Almost all places on the body can be treated in this way. Laser hair removal is suitable for both women and men.

Laser hair removal is effective and almost painless.
With laser, the hair root is heated by a powerful light source that penetrates through the skin into the hair roots. A type of light is used that is absorbed by the pigment in the hair. The hair absorbs this light and therefore becomes warm. This destroys the hair follicle under the skin so that no new hair can grow.

GoHair is an AGB (nationally recognised) qualified healthcare provider for:

Prior to starting your treatment at GoHair we offer all clients a free consultation. During this consultation we will conduct a skin analysis and patch test. We then determine the number of treatments based on your skin type, skin colour and the body part that needs to be treated.

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A lot of misleading, contradictory and absolutely incorrect information is given by apparently reliable beauty specialists, who often do not have the specialisation diploma ‘Hair Removal Techniques’. As an example: many providers make their customers believe that IPL / VPL is the same as Laser, or worse, they try to tell you that IPL / VPL is even better than Laser.

If you have no previous experience with laser hair removal, it is almost impossible to know all the ins and outs and where to go for professional and safe hair removal treatments.

In response to this, ANBOS released a press release; with clear advice and 10 facts and fables about permanent hair removal! Click here to read the article